Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

Okay, so this post really has nothing to do with Halloween. And my camera is officially broken! I had to send it into Sony for service so I am without a camera for who knows how long! I did take my memory cards into Wal Mart and got my pictures put on a CD so here are a few! But who knows when I will be able to take more pictures :( . These are some pictures from the very first Starbucks in Seattle!

And I'm sure no visit to Seattle is complete without a picture of the Space Needle!
This last weekend was my good friend Ralph's 21st birthday in Las Vegas. They had a "little" house party. Wow. Those people know how to throw a party!! There was a DJ, tons and tons of food, and of course what seemed like thousands of people! So here are a few pictures from that...

The party was tons of fun!! But a few of us stayed up all night. I am getting too old for that! It took me two days to recover. But like I said, it was lots of fun!
So...I would just like to rant for a moment about the drivers here in Washington. Nobody here is in a hurry. EVER. And I think the highest speed limit I've seen is 35. The speed limit on most roads is 30! Come on! Who drives 30?! Old people maybe. And everyone in Washington. I was coming home from Costco today and I had to go 20 almost the whole way home! Maybe it's all the time I spent driving with all the crazy freaks in Las Vegas, but these people drive unreasonably slow. That is one thing I will not miss on my next assignment!
On a happier note, I found a Jimmy John's here! For those of you unlucky enough to have never experienced Jimmy John's, it is a fabulous sandwich place! People in Salt Lake, there is a Jimmy John's on the northeast corner of 72nd South and 9th East. And for those of you in Las Vegas, there is one on Charleston and Rancho. I'm sure there are others, but those are the ones that I frequented. I love the Tom Turkey and a pickle. Mmmmmm! You all need to try it.
I hope everyone has a great Halloween! I will be working, of course. So everyone keep your fingers crossed that all the freaks stay in instead of coming out and ending up at the hospital!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Oh Snap!

So...I did get some pretty sweet pictures in Seattle this last weekend but I went to turn my camera on to download them....and it won't turn on! Tragic, isn't it? Needless to say, my camera is only 10 months old so it better be covered by warranty!! I'm kinda ticked because I'm going to Las Vegas this weekend for Ralph's bday and I'm sure I'll want to take some pictures. AND I had a blazing fire going (with real wood and everything) in my fireplace tonight. I wanted to take a picture of it but nooooooo. Stupid camera isn't working!

I had a great time in Seattle! We visited the original Starbucks in Pike Place Market and the Space Needle but we got there kind of late and apparently Seattle rolls up the carpets relatively early. So, we found a seafood restaurant right on the water and ordered up some crab. I was so excited! Crab, right on the ocean! I figured there really couldn't be anything better. Wrong! WORST crab ever!!! And I mean horrible. I ended up complaining to the manager so our meal got comped but still. What a disappointment! And then it was raining when we left the restaurant (imagine it raining in Seattle! Weird!) We decided to stop at a place called the Nite Lite to hang and people watch and listen to some tunes. Kind of an interesting crowd, but we made a few friends and ended up closing the place down. So all in all a good night! If only I had pictures to post! Ah well, hopefully I will get my camera up and running and I'm sure Gladhes will take care of the picture taking for this weekend. In the meantime, enjoy this boring pictureless post. I promise I will post some pictures as soon as I can. Everyone keep in touch!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Nothing New...

Nothing new is really going on around here, but I know everyone is DYING for an update! haha. My traveling friend, Kim, and I are planning on going to Seattle tomorrow, so hopefully I will have pictures to post soon! I'm pretty excited. I love being a tourist! And I was just watching some lame show on VH1 and apparently Bill Gates and Matt Stone (Southpark guy) both have houses/condos in the Seattle area so perhaps I'll be a stalker. I also went and applied for my passport today! I'm really excited for some reason. I'm going to Mexico in January, but I don't technically need my passport since it will be on a cruise, but you never know when you might want to leave the contry at the last minute, right?

Work is going okay. The bullcrap of hospitals is the same everywhere! But the beauty of this one is that I'm only attached for 3 months! Nothing bad has happened and the people here are really nice. But it's just frustrating to not be able to do more for patients no matter where you go. And Kim and I were given a pretty big guilt trip for trying to take our HUGE 30 minute lunch break somewhere besides on the floor last night. That's right. We don't work hard enough, they seem to think we should sit at the nurse's station and eat our food while listening to all the annoying beeping hospital noises. So, I'm sure I'm not the favorite of that charge nurse but whatever. I work my butt off and I'm taking my damn 30 minutes! I don't really think it's too much to ask. So anyway....enough of my complaining. Really, work is not going too bad, just that one lame incident. Even the "go live" of the new computer system that everyone was freaking out about went pretty well. It helps that Kim and I are practically super users since we are so darn smart! However, my strategy of keeping my mouth shut and sitting in the corner has been quite effective and nobody has really asked me any questions about anything. So...enough of my rambling! I guess it's obvious that I only slept 3 hours today and I'm off to bed! Hopefully I will have some awesome pictures to post after tomorrow!

PS I really really really love the song Crush by David Archuleta! I have never watched American Idol, but I should have watched and voted for him last season! What was I thinking??

Thursday, October 9, 2008


It seems that I have figured out how to post pictures, so here are a few from the trip up here...some lovely self photography of me and my mom in front of Horsetail Falls in Oregon, me in front of the same falls and the Tacoma Narrows Bridge which is mere moments from my house. I really really really wanted to go across the I did only to find out that there is a $4.00 toll to get back to the other side!! Cheap jerks! But it was definitely cool going over. I did the last of my BORING computer orientation at the hospital today. So I actually get to spend the rest of my time here being a nurse. What a novel idea. My first day on my own on the floor is Monday, so wish me luck! I am going to Las Vegas/LA this weekend for an allergy treatment class (because apparently I haven't spent enough time in classrooms lately) but I will at least get to see my mom and my niece. My new friend, Kim and I have plans to go sightseeing next weekend (if it doesn't rain ha!) so hopefully I will have more cool pictures to post soon. I'm still so happy I did the traveling RN thing!! Loving it!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Here Goes Nothing

Well, I promised several people that if I ended up doing the traveling nurse thing I would start a blog, so here I am!

I made it to Tacoma, Washington a little over a week ago for my first traveling assignment. So far, so good! Contrary to what everyone says, it does not rain here every single day. I love the rain, so even if it did, I would be okay! My apartment is about 2 minutes from Puget Sound, so I'm sure I will be doing a lot of things outdoors. I've met another traveler who works on the same floor as I do and lives in my apartment complex, so it's nice to have someone to hang out with who knows exactly what I'm going through! We have many grand plans to visit Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens, Seattle, etc...maybe I'll even go up to Forks! haha. Anyway, this has definitely been a learning experience, but overall things have gone pretty smoothly. I have mostly been in hospital/computer orientation so far here. I've been on the floor only two nights and things seemed pretty calm even though there was a rapid response called the first night I was there. It is nothing like the 8 or 9 patients (excuse me, couplets!) that I'm used to! I just hope I can keep myself busy. So, I guess that's it for my first blog ever! I have some pictures but I have yet to upload them, so hopefully I will do that soon.

Come back and visit!!