Friday, November 13, 2009

U2 360

Yes I know this concert was several weeks ago. I can't believe how busy I have been!! I have either been gone or had people in town since the second weekend after I moved into my house. So every minute I have free I am either trying to catch up on sleep or get my house organized. I have a never ending to do list!! My mom and Brent came to town Halloween weekend. We got all sorts of chores done! Brent put in my garage door opener (HUGE pain in the rear!!) installed the rest of my blinds, hung pictures, fixed my lamp etc. etc. etc.......I am having Thanksgiving at my new house this year! I'm totally excited! But kind of freaking out! I have my kitchen, living room and spare bathroom done. I have set a goal to finish my bedroom/bathroom/closet today. Which still leaves the office and spare bedroom. My dad is bringing me all sorts of fun treats when he comes down at Thanksgiving, including a queen size bed for my spare bedroom. So the pressure is on to get that room cleared out in time! I have a feeling I will just end up piling everything out of the way so that I can fit the bed in. Whatever. I have the rest of my life to get things organized, right??

So, on to the concert! U2 always puts on a good show! Our seats were not as good as I had hoped, but it was still awesome! There was also a drunk guy getting entirely too close but Marija put her anger to good use and he got thrown out! Yah! U2 is touring again next spring/summer. They have yet to announce a date in Salt Lake but I have heard rumors. Of course I will be going! I suspect that I will be on my own this time because I think I am going to spring for the expensive seats which are over $200. I know that is an exorbitant amount but U2 is my all time favorite band and I may not have many more chances to see them live! On to the pictures!!

Forget the Black Eyed Peas!!! We want U2!!!

"The Claw"

Marija and Daniel. And his peanuts which handily doubled as a weapon against obnoxious drunk guy.
Best. Band. EVER.

During Sunday Bloody Sunday.

During my all time favorite song...."With or Without You." Absolutely amazing.


Nick and Amera said...

Holy.....shi* that is one heck of a freakin crowd! Bono is hot and amazing and hot some more! wow, jealous you were there and I was not!!! THAT IS ONE HOT HOT CONCERT! I can just tell by the pictures!!!! Im so glad you went!!!

Loni said...

First off, if you can afford 200 dollar tickets to see middle aged man wear pink glasses then I think we will need to negotiate a new higher price for your softener!

Second off, why in the heck does he wear those pink glasses anyway? Does he think he's Perez Hilton or something?

Third off, if you're going to spend 200 big ones on a concert then you should really consider going to see Metallica where your much more likely, if not guaranteed, to see some scantily clad women. This might justify the expense.

For further tips and wisdom feel free to call me anytime. As an added bonus to calling me, the Gun Show will show up on your thousand dollar phone.