Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Real, Live Update!

Boy, where does the time go? Oh wait, it's wasted studying my life will all be worth it in the end, I guess. Not too much new in my life. Back in Salt Lake, got a real live steady job in the ICU at Pioneer Valley Hospital. I know, I know, Pioneer Valley? you say. Things have changed there and I think it's a great hospital. Not to mention my coworkers are freakin' amazing (for the most part). It was actually OK to have to work on Christmas Eve. Hmm...what else? I have successfully completed 18 credits of graduate school! Yeah! However, I have a feeling this semester could be the worst. I got a nice lecture from my advisor yesterday about how I should not be working full time while going to school full time. Well, guess what? That would be great, but in the real world most of us have bills to pay. I was then told that the preceptor that I have searched long and hard for since September for my clinicals this semester isn't good enough. Really? So, now I get to start all over again with that annoying process. I thought advisors were supposed to be supportive, not discouraging? Oh well. Sometimes I feel like I just want to drop out of school and forget all of it! But you know what, not only will I proceed with school AND work full time, I will kick ass and show this advisor that she's got no idea who she's talking to. Then in two years, all of these academics can kiss my butt!!! That's all.
Christmas this year was AMAZING. I was supposed to work but got called off. Which really worked out nicely because my dad showed up on Christmas Eve night and surprised me. And my mom and Brent were here. So I got to spend Christmas with both of my parents (well, all three since Brent is pretty much a parent, too) for the first time in more than twenty years. Pretty freakin' cool. I have to say, there was a time when I thought that would never happen, but I sure am glad I was wrong! I got an Amazon Kindle which I love and a Shark steam mop, among many other awesome things. It really was a great Christmas.

Well, I am about as boring as it gets, so I can't say that I have any other exciting news. Same crap, different day. Perhaps I can scrounge up a few photos to make this post a little more interesting...
BEST Halloween costume EVER!

I got my Christmas lights up and didn't even die of fright! Quite an accomplishment if I do say so myself.

My sweet Christmas tree. I never did think to get a picture with all the presents under it. Oh well.
Levi (ugly sweater winner!) Amanda, Ashlie and Bryan in their sweet sweaters.

Me and Kell enjoying the great outdoors at Alta. I didn't even break any limbs.


The Burrows Family said...

Shauna!! We need to get together! You will totally prove that advisor wrong! That's good to know that Pioneer Valley isn't too bad. I've been looking to pick up a second part time job. Maybe I can look there! Your house is darling by the way and that is the most awesome Halloween costume ever! I love it!

Nick and Amera said...

well its about freakin time! Your life is not boring! you are about as entertaining as it gets my dear! I cant belive how freakin smart you are! YOu are breeeeezing through graduate school. I hate you. Im jealous! Way to go girl, and dont worry, things will work out and youll be done before you know it! I cant believe how awesome and FINE you are! Keep up the hard work. Nice pictures, you freak! Love your freakin guts...LETS DO LUNCH! again :) Love you Shauna pooo!!!